Interviewing the Henderson’s


Mr Henderson and Ms Henderson

What are your name?
I’m Mr. Henderson, Ms. Henderson’s Father.
I’m Ms. Henderson, I am Mr. Henderson’s daughter

How long have you been working at this school?
Ms. H: This is my 4th year working here. I started in 2019 near the pandemic.
Mr. H: And this is my 31st year working here.

What made you want to be a teacher?
Ms. H: I actually didn’t want to start teaching until like 5 years ago but I started subbing for his class and I was like “this is awesome” and middle school is fun.
Mr. H: I wanted to be a teacher because I had really cool teachers in elementary school and I was like “I wanna do that, it looks fun” so that’s why.

Have you ever failed any classes as a kid?
Ms. H: not in regular school, I failed one class in college though, I got a D but that counted as failed.
Mr. H: Same here I got one D in college and that was all.

Did you always want to be a teacher when you were growing up?
Ms. H: I did not. There were two jobs, I said I could not be a teacher and I could not be a police officer but here we are.
Mr. H: I always wanted to be a weatherman on tv “Today’s high will be 62” but I took a class on weather and I only got a C, so I changed to being a teacher.

What’s Your favorite subject?
Mr. H: It’s gotta be History, World History.
Ms. H: Mine would either be English (reading in particular) or History.

Did you actually want to teach what you are currently teaching?
Ms. H: I didn’t want to teach World History or English.
Mr. H: I wanted to be an English teacher but then I go “Maybe I don’t” so I switched to History.