Runner Rant – Bring Back the Snack Shack

Bring Back Snack Shack

Imagine heading out of your 2nd period or 4th period, walking down to get food for break, and being able to buy warm chocolate chip cookies, chips, fruit snacks, cereal bars, pop tarts, or cups of noodles….even a packet of cookies? Not even warm! We will settle for that. What about lunch? It would be great if there could be a little variety and options for us to pay for, especially the ability to buy drinks like bottled water would be great. This is why we should bring back the snack shack.

Not everyone likes to get school lunches because. They usually have pizza twice a week, which is okay, but the rest of the week the food is not the best. The lunch ladies do their best to give us lunch and this is no disrespect to the staff that works hard for us. Some students do enjoy the food and that is fine, and most students may enjoy it more if there was more variety. Our current drink options are apple juice, berry juice, and milk. A lot of students don’t even drink milk anymore and would prefer just to have bottled water.

The snack shack could benefit the school, we like to buy food and this could be our way of giving back to the school. If the school is trying to keep us from buying certain foods, we will spend our money outside of the school. Students are willing to pay a little extra for the convenience of having it in school!